[Strapline 숙박시설로 교체][숙박시설에 관한 견적으로 교체]

다음은 회전식입니다. 이미지를 탐색하려면 왼쪽 또는 오른쪽으로 넘기거나, 다음 및 이전 버튼을 누르세요.
Beach and bay view 1
Property at night 2
Double room at night - Oneroa 3
Westerly View from double bedroom balcony 4
Arial view of the beach 5
Birds eye view from water of property and surrounding environment 6
Sliding doors out to lounge balcony 7
슬라이드 8
At night from the lounge balcony 9
Easterly view from lounge balcony 10
Enjoy a private balcony and garden and water view from the double room 11
Property drive to main road 12
Shared bathroom for Oneroa and Oneroa-2 13
슬라이드 14
Westerly outdoor communal dining 15
Property during the day 16

Sea Breeze Lodge

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