Sea Breeze - On Long BeachThe Best Bed & Breakfast in Russell!

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Beach and bay view 1
Property at night 2
Double room at night - Oneroa 3
Westerly View from double bedroom balcony 4
Arial view of the beach 5
Birds eye view from water of property and surrounding environment 6
Sliding doors out to lounge balcony 7
Immagine 8
At night from the lounge balcony 9
Easterly view from lounge balcony 10
Enjoy a private balcony and garden and water view from the double room 11
Property drive to main road 12
Shared bathroom for Oneroa and Oneroa-2 13
Immagine 14
Westerly outdoor communal dining 15
Property during the day 16

Sea Breeze Lodge

Picturesque views of the beach, ocean and Islands that give the Bay of Island its fame. Relax, swim, fish, snorkel, picnic or kayak .Take an easy evening stroll on the beach and the bush walk that leads you to Russell town centre in less than 20 minutes. Stroll back under the watchful eye of the moon and glittering milky way.


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